Canoeing on the River Werra

The view over Bad Sooden-Allendorf from the tower of the St. Cruciskirche (Church of St. Crucis) is definitely one of the best. However, enjoying the view from a completely different perspective - while sitting in a canoe on the river- is certainly even more fascinating. Since the river flows so slowly and smoothly, you can easily stop paddling for a few moments and take a picture of the beautiful half-timbered houses on the river banks. Even though it really is not very hard to learn – neither for adults nor for children -, canoeing is still some sort of inside tip for an active wellness holiday. 

The Werra once used to be the border river between Hesse and Thuringia. It is, however, so narrow that ships cannot use it. For this reason, canoeists and kayakers have the privilege of enjoying the river all to themselves. The view changes from steep cliffs to wide valleys. You can also admire the beautiful sight of Burg Luwigstein (Ludwigstein castle) and the ruins of Burg Hanstein (Hanstein castle) close to Bad Sooden-Allendorf.


Canoeing Infrastructure

In the valley of the river Werra ″Werratal“, you will find a total of 20 landing places and picnic areas for canoeists. You can rent canoes, paddles and live jackets from the canoe rentals. The staff is happy to provide you with valuable tips for paddling on the river Werra and will also take care of transportation.


Canoe Rentals

In the following, you will find a list of canoe rentals in and around Bad Sooden-Allendorf:


The  ″Paddelblatt“, a small book published by the registered association Werratal Touristik e.V., contains more detailed information and is available in the Tourist Information in Bad Sooden-Allendorf, Landgraf-Philipp-Platz 1 -2.

For further information on canoeing and kayaking, go to: