Graduation House

The impressive graduation house (length: 140 m, height: 12 m) with its fascinating wooden construction is one of the last of its kind in Germany. After a long history determined by the “White Gold”, it is today open for tourists and visitors who want to benefit from inhaling the pleasant salty air.

Today, the graduation house still supplies the therapeutic center with twelve-percent brine. It once used to be filled with straw which was later replaced by bundles of blackthorn brushwood through which the brine trickles. Due to the evaporation of the water, the concentration of the brine is increased to 25%. Like this, a lot of wood and later brown coal could be saved in the process of salt production in the salt pans. The graduation house, originally built in 1638, was completely restored from 2000 to 2003. The covered walkway, however, was already added in 1887. A walk through the salty air of the graduation house works wonder on your respiratory system.

In the peak season, loungers are provided free of charge around the graduation house where you can simply sit down and enjoy the salty air.

Since March 1, 2015, the graduation house is in operation again.